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Apulia in a Bottle

Each wine bottle represents a shade of our beautiful region. Discover aromas and flavours of Apulia.



Primitivo represent one the most famous Apulian native wine grapes. Despite late flowering, this grape variety is one of the first to complete its maturation; from here the Latin name ‘primativus’. Main feature of this variety is high level of sugar accumulation. For this reason, wines produced show high alcohol graduation.



It is an Apulian native wine grape variety, probably with a Greek provenance and it is grown in our territory since ancient times. Its name comes from lit green colour of its berries.



The choice of Susumaniello is, at the same time, defence and exaltation of our territory. Susumaniello risked to disappear from Apulia’s cultivations, taking with itself a fundamental piece of Apulian wine history. Named after its high productivity: originally, this grape variety was used to produce grapes in such a way that it resembled one of the most known cargo animals at the time, the ‘somarello’ (little donkey). It is an Apulian native wine grape known for its high extract concentration.



It is a wine grape variety grown in Apulia since a long time. It seems like the name originates from the strange shape of its grape, that resembles a child with raised arms. This is the reason why people started calling it “Bambino” (baby), that became “Bombino” over time. Bombino Nero’s berries are coated in a soft skin with few pigments that make this grape variety less used in red wines production, in favour of exclusively rosé, with modest alcohol content.

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