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by Petroni Vini

Donna Viola is the challenge of a tradition that tells a new story.

Created by Petroni Vini, historical apulian winery that has been producing a wine linked to the territory and tradition since 1865, Donna Viola comes from the same Apulian land to give life to a new challenge.

Starting from traditional methods of the past and creating a new ‘made in Apulia’ authenticity with its local vines: that’s how we want to create a new identity.

An identity told by our wines themselves, by their names and their labels: Aurora (Sunrise), Tramonto (Sunset), Luna Nuova (New Moon), Unica Via (Only Way) and Infranto (Broken) are our way to bring Apulia in every glass.


A shape that stems from the tradition for the land and is projected into the future.

The D and V initials of the brand fit together to create the profile of a triangle: the perfect shape.

We chose this geometry because it is the emblem of proportion and harmony, the same one that distinguishes a good wine from an unforgettable one.

Donna Viola is a female face told by the lower vertex of its logo: an open and interrupted shape that represents a challenge, undertaken with passion, courage and sense of innovation.

The same ones represented by the triangle vertices.


Just like the day’s phases unfold each other, the three artworks are the result of the same project, aimed to make every label an essential component of the whole.

Colour is the protagonist of this project that gives substance to abstraction.

The dark colours of the night begin to disappear, similar to sunrise with light shades and pastel colours like yellow and pink.

Warm and full shades illuminate and delineate the sunset, leaving room for purple and indigo, and then surrendering to the infinite blue of the New Moon night, illuminated by the gold of its stars.

And since midnight blue, everything begins again.